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Every year, we demonstrate our expertise in concrete drilling and sawing on around 30 construction sites

Our customers are our capital, which is why we attach great importance to a fast, cost-effective and smooth execution of the construction projects.

We drill and cut with professional diamond tools and water cooling with suction. The prices shown here are only a brief guide. Additional costs may be ocure for adding of armor, water extraction and proper disposal of larger concrete segments.

With our core drilling machines we drill from Ø 12mm – 1002 mm.
The work is vibration-free and we use professional diamond tools for concrete, reinforced concrete and masonry.
The dowelling or suction is done with the help of a vacuum pump, which price is calculated with 8,00 € to 16,00 € / each drilling.
Further costs might be added for dust-free drilling and cutting with complete water extraction including cleaning,

Provision of armor up to 12m working height. The minimum order value is 140.00 € net incl. Arrival / departure.

Core drilling for water and wastewater

For our customers, we carry out almost every core drilling through concrete, reinforced concrete and masonry in a quickly, precisely and reliable way. Whether for households or industrial buildings, core drilling is needed at every stage of construction as it creates the conditions for the installation of infrastructural supply. Through the holes, the individual rooms are connected by pipes, pipes and cables to the central elements of electricity, heat and water.

Core drilling / bushings for stove and chimney

For your stove connection we drill dust-free, quickly and accurately the right hole in your wall or the fireplace.
We drill through building materials such as Masonry, concrete, wood composites, insulating materials and plaster without damaging the facade. Also oblique and overhead drilling (through the ceiling) are possible.
The space requirement for a hole is hardly larger than a DIN A3 sheet (about 30x50cm). Through our special drilling systems, drilling is fast, vibration-free and dust-free.

Our clients

Sorena GmbH
Poma GmbH
Ohlro GmbH
Scholz Elektrotechnick GmbH
Rolls Royce Dahlewitz
Sony Center Berlin
Nokia Berlin
Max-Delbrückcentrum Berlin
Robert-Rössle-Klinik Berlin
VW Wolfsburg
Howoge Berlin

Hellweg-Baumarkt Berlin
Jüdisches Museum Berlin
Donaustrasse 42 Berlin
Chausseestrasse Berlin
Schultze Boysenstrasse Berlin
Hotel Mövenpick
Howoge Prerower Platz

Demolition / concrete cutting

To vent your kitchen and maintain a healthy room climate, we drill the hole for the cooker hood into your wall quickly, cleanly and precisely.
The space requirement for a hole is hardly larger than a DIN A3 sheet (about 30x50cm). Through our special drilling systems, drilling is fast, vibration-free and dust-free.

Plumbing / Heating / Ventilation

Without damage to the building fabric, breakthroughs or cut-outs for chimneys, windows and pipes can be made later.
Core drilling in reinforced concrete, natural stone and masonry can be carried out with a diameter of up to 400 mm.
Whether wall, floor or ceiling – we give you a clear view.

Balcony openings on the facade for the carrier anchorage

The tensile and bending strength of a balcony slab depends mainly on the reinforcing bars in the concrete. The steel ensures that the balcony does not crash. The cantilevered balconies also work on the same principle. To fix these, we first drill holes in the front sides of the ceiling panels on the façade.

Electric / ceilings and wall opening for air conditioners

For the connection or the condensed water line of your mobile air conditioning unit or your split unit, we drill dust-free, quickly and precisely the right hole in the wall, floor or joist.

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